Eldred's encounter with Ashur is the second cinematic in the game that you get to see during every god's fourth mission where Eldred and Zyzyx meet the demon Marduk (also known in the world of Sacrifice by his alias Ashur). You can either look at the brief summary or the entire transcription of the cinematic along with a video of it.

Brief SummaryEdit

While doing whatever job Eldred was doing for whichever god, an ominous entity appears before Eldred and Zyzyx. Eldred recognizes him as Marduk, the demon that destroyed Eldred's homeworld. Upon hearing that Marduk wishes to sow destruction again, Eldred vows to stop him (something he will quote upon, in the last mission).


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ELDRED: "I could scarcely describe the horror of what came next."

(Marduk appears in front of Eldred and Zyzyx in ethereal form)

ELDRED: It cannot be! Marduk!
MARDUK: Greetings, old friend, but they call me Ashur here.
ELDRED: <gasp> Why have you come?
MARDUK: Our bargain is incomplete. Your rivals have fallen, but our reckoning is not yet fulfilled.
ELDRED: My rivals? You destroyed everything! The very earth was crumbling beneath my feet.
MARDUK: Do not blame yourself overmuch. The doom of Jhera was pre-ordained. Content yourself that you were but a you will be again.
As for you, little imp. I will not forget your role in all of this.

(Marduk disappears)

ZYZYX: Is he gone? Oh...Master, there are other worlds. Other places we could go.
ELDRED: Nay. We will do something do stop him this time.

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