"But I too could benefit from this prophecy. I would be the vagrant they were looking for. Even if they doubted your vision, the tension ensured that they would all see the value of a capable wizard." – Eldred speaking to Mithras about the prophecy
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Eldred, as he appears in character selection screen

Eldred is the playable character in Sacrifice campaign as well as the game's main protagonist. Burdened by his sinister past, he comes to the world of Sacrifice as a result of his travels through the Astral Void. His unexpected appearance and later decisions broke the balance of power between the gods and turned the tension into an open war. He was one of the most influential figures in the conflict, as he single-handedly turned the tide in favor of one of the gods and shaped the outcome of the war.



ELDRED: In Jhera, I had been a man of substance.
MITHRAS: A lord? Or perhaps a king?
ELDRED: A tyrant more like. You would have thought me an evil man.
ZYZYX: Most people did.
The Wanderer's Tale

Not much is known about Eldred's past and youth. His story begins in Jhera, where he labored hard for "another man's empire" as well as seeking to grasp the power of arcane knowledge. He was an experienced summoner, managing to summon a familiar named Zyzyx to serve him, mostly as an advisor.

After the premature death of his suzerain, Eldred was the one to inherit his right to rule. However, his lack of popularity lead to internal conflicts, and many factions of conspirators sought to destroy the empire Eldred sought to establish. The wizard was unable to defeat all of his many enemies, and soon their combined armies would prove to be too powerful for Eldred to handle. However, he would not give up his power so easily.

Catastrophic AllianceEdit

MITHRAS: So... you summoned Marduk.
ELDRED: Aye, but the demon was too powerful. I could not control it.
MITHRAS: And then?
ELDRED: The rest I need hardly tell, for it is happening around us. It was the end of the world.
The Wanderer's Tale

Feeling betrayed by his own people, Eldred used his arcane powers to summon a demon named Marduk, whom he considered an ally necessary to defeat his many foes. The wizard underestimated the "ally's" hunger for destruction, and this soon backfired. The demon unleashed his powers and devastated the whole world he was summoned into, killing Eldred's enemies as well as innocent people, effectively bringing the end of the world upon Jhera. Seeing that Marduk was too powerful to control, Eldred and Zyzyx crossed the Astral Void in hope of escaping the ensuing chaos. His path ultimately led him to the world of Sacrifice.

Wanderer's PathEdit

Hear me exalted spirits, hear me. Be you Gods or Devils, ye who hold dominion here. I am a wizard without a home, a wanderer seeking refuge. – Eldred, The Gods Themselves (Intermission)

Broken and burdened by his deeds, he approached the Ethereal Realm and presented himself to the gods. He was welcomed by all five divine spirits and was offered a chance to serve one of them as a wizard. Seeing an opportunity to continue his study of magical arts and perhaps seeking a chance for redemption, Eldred began his service in the world he hoped to soon call home.

Eldred's specific choices, actions, and reasons for doing so depend greatly on player's in-game choices. There are many different ways to finish the game and none of them are considered 'canon' for the story's purposes. Apart from allying himself completely with one of the gods, Eldred has the option to switch his allegiances during the game. This depends on wizard's current karma, which is determined by the outcome of his missions – crossing other gods' plans can irritate them and prevent Eldred from further serving them.

Vagrant from the ProphecyEdit

A vagrant comes amidst the gloom to seal the gaping maw of doom. – Mithras, the Prophecy

Aside from player's choices, Eldred's path is, however, somewhat predetermined. His first missions served as wizard's initiation to the world, where he learned to harness arcane powers and direct various creatures in battle as a commander. With each consecutive mission, he grew in power, learning new spells and gathering more powerful creatures in his command.

His actions soon proved to be crucial for the fate of the world itself. The tension between gods, which started upon the death of the Creator before Eldred came to their world, announced the upcoming war and the only reason it has not happened was a fragile balance of power between the divine beings. The prophecy spoken by Mithras pointed on one of the gods as a traitor and indicated that a vagrant would be a catalyst to preventing the disaster following the betrayal. By siding himself with one of the gods, Eldred broke the balance and unwillingly turned the tension into an open conflict.

Shadow from his PastEdit

ZYZYX: Is he gone? Oh...Master, there are other worlds. Other places we could go.
ELDRED: Nay. We will do something to stop him this time.
Encounter with Ashur

When it would seem that Eldred finally settled himself in his new home, a new threat to the world began to make its presence noticeable. Jadugarr, a former wizard who forfeit serving the gods, started to stir up the people against the gods and called for a revolt to end their suffering as a result of gods' personal conflicts. He also heralded incoming doom, somehow mirroring Mithras' prophecy, and mentioned a being named Ashur which would save them, around which he created a cult.

To Eldred's surprise, it turned out that Ashur is, in fact, Marduk – a demon he had known just too well. Eldred was shocked when Marduk faced him and explained his motives for bringing yet another end of the world, and willing to use Eldred as his pawn again. After a short exchange of words, the demon left, leaving Eldred confused but determined to face the threat this time. He decided to share this dire news with the gods.

Eldred's AllegianceEdit

As time went on, the situation looked more and more grim. I was no closer to defeating Marduk and the tension between the gods had grown deeper. – Eldred, Desperate Measures (Intermission)

The disturbing news widened the chasm between the gods and turned them even more hostile towards each other. Mutual accusations have soon led gods to the conclusion that the only way to end the war is to bring end upon each other. Eldred, bound to the service of his patron, continued his duty, hoping to acquire the power necessary to defeat Marduk.

The Hunt for PowerEdit

Tales of your skill precede you. I am honored to fight by your side.Shakti

His magical skills grew stronger as he continued his service for one of the gods. He learned fast, and his skill swiftly surpassed that of more self-proven wizards, including god's champions, who had served the gods for a much longer time than Eldred. At one point he would speak to Mithras about being afraid of his own power, as he caught himself getting lost in it. Soon, both his skills in magic and tactical wit would rise to such an extent that he was able to defeat multiple enemy wizards simultaneously, and effectively bring end upon even several gods themselves. He was still, however, no step closer to dealing with Marduk, as the demon was elusive and Eldred often arrived at a place only to see him long gone. Eldred's efforts seemed to be in vain, as more gods fell and the world itself began to collapse under his very feet - something he had witnessed before in Jhera.

The Story BeginsEdit

I begin to think the cause of this destruction cannot be other than myself... my dark experiments come to a most wicked end. – Eldred, Prologue

Eldred's actions soon caused the fall of most of the gods, with only his own patron remaining. Having witnessed the extent of the destruction he caused, he began to doubt his abilities to prevent the coming of another end of the world. He was desperately crossing lands of the fallen gods in search of the smallest clues that would lead him to Marduk.

Strangely enough, when heading south with Zyzyx, Eldred encountered wounded Mithras, standing alone in a devastated village. Hoping that old seer's wisdom could solve at least some of problems, the wizard shared his tale while continuing his way south.

The Final ConfrontationEdit

Now, open your eyes and see. I am no mere Marduk. My names are countless. My age beyond reckoning. – Marduk, the Crucible

After hearing of a strange artifact from a fleeing zombie, Eldred continued his path in hope that it would lead him to Marduk himself. The three approached the Megalith, and Mithras asked wizard of how is he going to fight Marduk without knowing his true nature. Depending on player's choices, after Eldred's response Mithras taunts either his blindness for the truth or the fact that his hunger for power is the only cause he decided to face the demon. As a proof of wizard's ignorance, Mithras (or his usurper) reveals himself to be in fact Marduk and defines himself as a doom incarnate. Taunting Eldred again, he challenges Eldred to fight to the death.

Using all of his skills and powers he learned during his service to the gods, Eldred faced Marduk in combat and managed to push the demon back, even though the wizard was caught off-guard, heavily outnumbered and faced an opponent that played by different rules. Thanks to Zyzyx's advice, Eldred destroyed Marduk's Manaliths, as it was the only way to physically hurt the artifact itself. As the Megalith was demon's source of power, wizard directed all his efforts to destroy it once and for all.


All that time we walked together, you listened but you did not hear me. I told you I would stop you this time. – Eldred, the Crucible

After a long battle, Eldred finally prevailed and destroyed both Marduk's device and the demon itself. With his powers tested and his nemesis finally defeated, Eldred was presented with various choices depending on the god whom he served. The options most commonly consist of wizard either walking away and crossing the Astral Void again or having him leading the rebuilding of the world with himself as a god's champion. His final choice is unsure, yet it is known that after defeating Marduk Eldred proved himself to be the most powerful wizard of the world of Sacrifice.

Wizard StatsEdit

For all of the missions he participates in, he shares the same values as any wizard, but his stats can be improved by boons given to him by the gods. The benefits vary, depending on the mission and the god the player is currently serving.

His color in every mission is always white, representing himself – or rather the fact that he is the playable character.


Eldred's name is chosen by the player and it is never spoken out loud. He is instead mentioned as "The Wanderer" on several occasions, possibly referring to Mithras' prophecy (and Eldred's ultimate role he would play) or to character's travels between realms. It is not specified why his default name is Eldred, but it is most likely that it was intended to be the wizard's canon name.


Eldred's name is probably derived from the word elder, meaning greater than another in age or seniority.

It is also possible that Eldred received his name from the Anglo-Saxon name Ealdræd, meaning old or counsel.


Eldred often spoke in a grim, skeptical tone. He was confident in his abilities and as such was not easily intimidated, even when forced to face overwhelming odds.

Campaign QuotesEdit

Following quotes appear in-game during specific missions.

I am no one's salvation. I am a pawn of doom itself.Prologue

I am no god's servant!Charnel's second mission

...I could not rejoice, for I knew that far greater terrors had arrived.James' fourth mission

Stratos's eighth missions:
ELDRED: To slay a god. Can you imagine, Mithras, the sense of power?
MITHRAS: Tell me.
ELDRED: I confess there were moments when I lost sight of any greater purpose and the power alone seemed purpose enough.

Charnel's ninth mission:
JADUGARR: Only your master Charnel remains and he shall not outlive you very long, I promise.
ELDRED: Promises, promises.
JADUGARR: Astaroth could not defeat me. What makes you think you'll fare any better?
ELDRED: Enough words, Jadugarr. Show me your teeth.

Your threats are hollow, Marduk. Let us finish this.The Crucible

Multiplayer TauntsEdit

  1. Impressive...
  2. We fight!
  3. Strength and Honor. (An homage to a movie)
  4. You can't stop me!

Related MissionsEdit

Controllable duringEdit


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