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Diallia on the map of the world.

A haunted place, long abandoned by the gods.

Diallia is an island and a part of Persephone's realm of Elysium.


Temple, surrounded by the only remaining inhabitants - ghosts.

Sins Past[]

Diallia, considered a part of Elysium, was originally full of inhabitants, and held a large temple devoted to Persephone. When the War of Purification occurred, temple guardians had betrayed Persephone, and because of her self-righteous and unforgiving nature, all the inhabitants were slain, their houses destroyed and even nature itself completely defiled.

Ghost Island[]

Following the slaughter, Persephone had laid a curse on the land saying nobody could enter the island for a thousand generations. During that time, not even gods could establish their presence on the island. The curse was broken just prior to the final war between the gods, when Eldred, accompanied by Sara Bella, led an expedition, investigating the reason behind gods' inability to observe the isle. They found out that this happened due to the lack of faith, Diallia no longer being a part of the world of Sacrifice.

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Playable during[]


Stratos's first mission

  • Diallia uses the same basic map template as Pellanon.
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