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"Forget James. It is time to take advantage of Persephone's frequent and generous donations of territories into my safekeeping." – Stratos, Desperate Measures (Intermission)
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Map of Arborea (full image)

Starting Setup[]


Since you don't have an altar in this mission, you also don't have a link to your patron god. Without that link, if killed even once you will stay dead for good, immediately failing the mission. (Technically, you do have an altar, though it's hidden on an unreachable island and not on your minimap; Sacrifice doesn't support playing without an altar. A separate trigger causes you to fail when you die.)


"The specific territory Stratos had in mind was Arborea, the home of the ents and the only noteworthy stronghold between his new holdings and Persephone's home of Idylliac." – Eldred

Arriving at Arborea[]

Stratos sends you to Arborea, the home of the Ents, to execute the first step of his secret plan. You are to banish Shakti while Sara Bella, the Brainiac, blocks Persephone's connection with her wizard. This way, Shakti will be gone for good and the way will be opened up towards Idylliac, Persephone's home island.

You start with a manalith and a shrine, and your creatures next to them. Shakti will meet you, but will not suspect your evil intentions, regardless of the conversation option you choose. However, she will attack you as soon as you attack anything (peasants, other creatures, structures). A nearby Ent will join Shakti as well. As usual, Shakti's forces will include Mutants and low-level creatures, and she also commands 3 Gremlins.

Fighting Shakti[]

Whenever you battle Shakti, be sure to cast a shielding spell just before you enter battle. There are always ways you can suddenly die and fail the mission, or at least come close to dying; if you are unshielded, she can paralyze you with Grasping Vines, for example, leaving you as a sitting duck for her Ents, that will proceed to slice your paralyzed self to minced meat. Other than that, use your typical battle strategies to slowly and carefully progress through the map.

It is very important to leave some guards near Sara Bella - preferably don't Guardian them to your structures. At a few points during the mission, Sara Bella will be ambushed by Rangers, who can easily kill the defenseless Brainiac. Melee units will deal with the rangers, but Guardianed ranged units may not kill them fast enough before Sara Bella falls. You may want to position some brawlers between the archway and the lone boulder not far from your shrine.

As you approach the slope that leads to Shakti's altar, you will be stopped by Toldor, the oldest of the Ents. Aided by some Gnomes and Druids, he will attack you, and if you haven't been discovered so far, Shakti will definitely start attacking you now. Toldor is tough, but you should be able to dispose of him; however, if Shakti's manalith behind you is still intact, the Gnomes there will also start firing at you, and you will be in serious trouble if you are caught in the crossfire.

If you can make your way past Toldor, Shakti will have two manaliths to oppose you at. One Mutant guards each; they should go down easily against focused fire or a Seraph assault. Desecrate Shakti's altar to finish the mission.

Another Way?[]

You can also try to get by with minimal fighting simply by not attacking anything. Avoid Toldor by going to the right; you will see that the long gap that separates you from Shakti's altar doesn't go all the way, and so you can avoid Toldor's ambush altogether. However, you will have very few souls once you arrive at the altar (if you don't attack anything, there is no way for you to get more souls either) and you will have a mana income of zero as long as Shakti's manaliths are still standing (your own manaliths will be too far away to supply you with any mana, even with several manahoars), which means that you will need to kill 2 guardianed Mutants, destroy the two manaliths and endure Shakti's counterattack at the same time with a 8-soul army and no mana regeneration until either manalith is blown up. This is next to impossible, requiring great luck and skill at the very least, and so it may be easier to just do the mission the normal way.


The boon benefactor for this mission is Stratos. He gives you the boon if you've removed all enemy presence before you've banished Shakti.

You have to clear the map of each and every Persephone creature and building.

There is no karma boost for this boon.

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