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"As all paths are fraught with danger, We counsel a direct path. Go to Dys, the seat of Charnel's power, and seek an audience with the dark one. Perhaps there is yet hope that he shall realize the folly of his ways." – Persephone, Desperate Measures (Intermission)
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Map of Dys (full image)

Starting Setup[]



ELDRED: Isolated deep within the land of Stygia, we knew there was no going back. Our only chance lay in seeking an audience with Charnel.
ZYZYX: And once in Dys there'd be no word from Persephone. In one god's home the others can't interfere.

Arriving at Dys[]

With you deep inside Charnel's realm of Stygia, Persephone instructs you to proceed directly to Dys, the Charnel's home island, to negotiate peace with him and encourage cooperation against the dangerous new enemy, Marduk. However, the negotiations are doomed to fail; he is angry that you had destroyed Astaroth, his tool against Marduk. You have no choice but to fight Charnel's champion, Acheron, and his partner Seerix.

The Battle[]

You are helped by the powerful Ent Toldor, one of the most ancient creatures in the world of Sacrifice. However, there is only one mana fount next to you. Dys is really large; it will take a long time before any of the two necromancers attack you. Therefore, you have ample time to explore. You can go towards your left, where you will find another mana fount; if you proceed, you will arrive at a small village and a Charnel manalith in the middle of it, and another Charnel manalith nearby. In addition, straight ahead of your altar is another mana fount up for grabs. From there, to the right, you will soon discover Seerix's altar and after that, another village.

Eventually, you will be attacked by one of the necromancers, or in the worst case, both at the same time. Use Toldor's Protector ability to improve your creatures' defences. Seerix is nothing special; she will employ Abominations, low-level creatures and a few Deadeyes. Acheron is slightly more difficult; he is level 7, one level higher than you, and thus can use the potent Plague spell. He also has a Styx under his command, who is physically weak, but if left alive, can really hurt your army. Have Toldor or your other creatures focus fire on it to subdue it quickly; Acheron will likely not summon any more.

Banishing Seerix[]

Seerix will likely be your first target; her altar is practically undefended and she's not very hard to defeat. As soon as Seerix falls, however, Charnel approaches you. Seeing your power, he offers you a place by his side, looking to save himself as well this way. If you accept his offer, you receive this mission's boon, defect to Charnel, and the mission is complete right away.

If you decline, however, you will have to defeat Acheron to finally vanquish Charnel. (Theoretically, you could also banish Acheron first and be given the choice, having to defeat Seerix if you refuse Charnel's offer.)

Make your way to Acheron's altar; you will notice that his final manalith is heavily guarded by many strong Charnel creatures: a total of 5 Styxes and 5 Abominations. Guardianed Styxes are very powerful, and this suggests that attacking from a distance with snipers such as Gnomes is the best option; however, unless you can outrange the Abominations, which is unlikely as they are artillery units, this is not a good idea as the Abominations regenerate health if they hit you. It is better to attack from up close, with brawlers or Gremlins sent to attack the manalith and Toldor supporting them. (If he is dead, you will have a much harder time, so try to keep him alive.) To avoid getting slaughtered by the Styxes, circle the manalith and attack from the rear. This way the Styxes won't be able to react fast enough, and if Toldor or a few melee units can start hitting the manalith, the guardians will quickly fall. (Keep an eye out for Toldor; put a Healing Aura onto him for best effect.)

Once the guards are down, banishing Acheron is trivial. The ultimate altar will be destroyed and Persephone explains that with this, Charnel's power is broken.


The boon benefactor for this mission is Charnel. He gives you the boon if you decide to join him.

The karma boost for this boon is as follows:

Karma Table
-4 0 0 0 +4


  • It is possible to rejoin Persephone's ranks after defecting to Charnel: after CH-7, James offers you the chance to serve him, and from there you can take PE-9.
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