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As time went on, the situation looked more and more grim. I was no closer to defeating Marduk, and the tensions between the gods had grown deeper.Eldred


After the attack on Golgotha that resulted in the destruction of the Demon Gate, you are still deep in Stygia, Charnel's realm. Persephone sends you to Dys in order to give Charnel one last chance to stop his attacks and ally himself with her against Marduk.

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Allegiance (Persephone)PE-05 Intermissions PE-06Desperate Measures (Persephone)


Following the destruction of the Pyrodraulic Dynamo™, Pyro himself taunts James and his allies, threatening them: "I will crush you!" However, James has finally decided to go on the offensive, realising this is the only way to end Pyro's power. You are to go to Helios and defeat Pyro's champions.

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Allegiance (James)JA-05 Intermissions JA-06Desperate Measures (James)


During the war, Stratos had been responsible for defending Persephone's and James' territories. As a consequence, more and more of these territories, in fact, fell under Stratos' control. Stratos now believes that Persephone and James are weak, and lets you in on his secret plan. He wants you to launch a secret attack on Persephone's stronghold of Arborea. James almost manages to overhear him; Stratos claims to be "reviewing defensive strategies". You can either stay with Stratos or go over to James.

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Allegiance (Stratos)ST-05 Intermissions ST-06Desperate Measures (Stratos)
JA-06Desperate Measures (James)


The ever-arrogant Pyro declares that none of his enemies can stand in his way, and orders you to finish off James. Whether as a result of the failed attack on Cindercrag by Charlotte and Grakkus, or because of your betrayal of James, the earth god's defences are in chaos, giving you an opportunity to reach Agothera, James' home island, without any resistance. Pyro wants you to capitalise on this fact.

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Allegiance (Pyro)PY-05
Allegiance (James)JA-05
Intermissions PY-06Desperate Measures (Pyro)


With Yogo's failure in Golgotha and Stratos' betrayal now known to you, the two conspirators discuss their plans for the future. Both of them decide to turn on their allies. Stratos, realising how much control he has over Persephone's lands, decides to conduct a sneak attack on Arborea. Charnel decides to attack Pyroborea. He is afraid that with his secret weapons, Pyro is starting to overshadow him, and the Pyrodraulic Dynamo™, in particular, concerns him greatly. He also sees this as a good opportunity to win James over to his side, as the geomancer Charlotte is trapped in Cindercrag.

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Allegiance (Charnel)CH-05 Intermissions CH-06Desperate Measures (Charnel)
ST-06Desperate Measures (Stratos)
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