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"James' champion Charlotte was taken captive in her attack on Cindercrag. You shall free her and make overtures of peace to her master." – Charnel, Desperate Measures (Intermission)
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Map of Cindercrag (full image)

Starting Setup[]



"In Cindercrag, the site of Charlotte's captivity, Pyro had constructed a weapon of mass destruction called the Pyrodraulic Dynamo™." – Eldred

The Attack on Cindercrag[]

Charnel sends you to Cindercrag. By this time, the alliance between Pyro and Charnel had broken up, and Charnel now seeks to ally with James, at least temporarily, while he fights Pyro. To prove his sincere intentions, Charnel wants you to free Charlotte, who had been captured and is now forced to work in the Pyrodraulic Dynamo™, and to destroy the Dynamo while banishing Pyro's sorcerers.

This mission is similar to James' fifth mission, except that it is harder in several ways. The Dynamo is, unfortunately, already active, and the threat of a volcano erupting right under your feet is there from the very beginning. You possess 20 souls, which is generous, but you'll need them all to repel Buta and Hachimen. Since Gammel doesn't serve necromancers, you also have no easy way of destroying the Dynamo. Finally, unlike in the other mission the wizards must be banished this time around.

On the Defensive[]

Buta and Hachimen will build up their armies; this is your only opportunity to explore. To your right, you can see a factory in the distance; behind it is a mana fount. Once you build up your first two manaliths, you may wish to go there and build a third; however, this will leave you less time to prepare, and is not necessary as the two manaliths will already ensure you have a decent mana income.

Train Abominations and/or Deadeyes and guardian them to the manaliths to fight Buta's and Hachimen's armies. Both will command Pyrodactyls, Pyromaniacs, Bombards and other Proles of Pyro, and will often attack together. A Wailing Wall spell will help keep the enemy at bay while your ranged units wear them down.

It is not advised to guardian all your units; you may need some to strike out and hit the retreating units, as well as out of reach Bombards. In addition, try not to stay next to your manaliths, or at least not next to your guardians. If you do so, the Pyrodraulic Dynamo™ may hit you with a volcano, which will destroy both of your manaliths, all your units, and your chances of winning in one fell swoop.

Freeing Charlotte[]

Continue fighting Buta and Hachimen until you feel they no longer present a threat to you; after that, move out (possibly Guardian some creatures to each of your manaliths if you haven't already, to prevent a surprise attack). You can either free Charlotte first or banish the two wizards. It doesn't really matter which one you do first: Charlotte will fight by your side if you free her first, but she won't be of much help. You'll have to leave her unclaimed mana founts if you want her to be of any use at all (such as the one next to her altar, initially guarded by Pyro's creatures), and even then she will have too few souls to make a difference.

Assuming you want to free Charlotte first - you'll just have to destroy the Pyrodraulic Dynamo. (A somewhat humorous conversation as you approach the Dynamo reveals that Charlotte would escape in her ghost form and flee back to her altar.) Destroy the Pyro manalith near her altar first, convert the creatures' souls if you can, then go attack the Dynamo. There's not too much to it; just attack with overwhelming force to finish off the guards, then destroy the building itself. Again, make sure not to stay next to your army - you don't want to come close to demolishing the Dynamo, only to have your efforts ruined by a sudden eruption under your feet that kills your whole army!

There are two things you should weigh before you decide to do this, however. The erupting volcanos will cease to bother you, but until Charlotte is freed she cannot be banished, meaning you only have to worry about defeating Buta and Hachimen.

Finishing off the Sorcerers[]

Once the Dynamo is destroyed, Charlotte will head back to her altar and then starts fighting on your side. Be sure not to let the enemy wizards banish her! If you want to boost her a bit, drop a few of your souls while she's nearby, but these souls might be better used for creatures to lead your final offensive.

Both altars have manaliths nearby guarded by Bombards, Pyromaniacs and a Firefist or a Pyrodactyl respectively. A mass assault of Blights (if you have them) or Abominations will work, but the absolute fastest way is an army of Deadeyes targeting the buildings (not the units). Finish off the two wizards to win the mission and seal the uneasy alliance between Charnel and James.


The boon benefactor for this mission is James. He gives you the boon if you win the mission as per usual.

There is no karma boost for this boon.

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