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Death SP-icon-Death.png
Associated God Charnel
Level 8
Type of Spell Ultimate
Casting Mode Stationary
Mana Cost 1800
Damage Death x 8
Area of Effect Epic
Spell Duration 40 s
Casting Time 7 s
Cooldown Time 7 min

Death is Charnel's level 8 spell.

Spell Summary[]

When used, Death will summon what is arguably an "Angel of Death". Upon its single strike on any creature, it will kill it instantly, and will proceed to do so eight more times or until its duration runs out. Be warned though, if your own troops get too close or are the only targets available, it will move towards them and kill them too, so make sure you have a plentiful supply of enemy troops for it to slaughter first and that the enemy wizard can't just teleport them away. Also Death is a scripted creature, and as such does need to spend any time to start moving. It will proceed to kill the moment it is summoned, gliding through the air at a set speed of 20 meters per second, not stopped or slowed down by any artificial obstacles (such as units or wall spells).

The spell is obtained along with Intestinal Vaporization and in campaign is received in Charnel's 8th mission.


Possible Targets for the spell Death
Enemy Creatures Neutral Creatures Friendly Creatures Your own Creatures
Enemy Wizards Neutral Wizards Friendly Wizards Yourself
Enemy Structures Neutral Structures Friendly Structures Your own Structures
Ground Flying Creatures Blue Souls Red Souls
  • Note: While the spell Death can be cast upon any wizard (including your own), it can not actually kill said wizard.

Tactical Uses[]

Death is an Ultimate spell that spawns a shadowy figure, which travels and kills the 8 creatures closest to it.

  • Death has a very long and noticeable cast, and can be easily interrupted.
  • You can save your higher soul creatures from Death by running at the shadowy figure and spawning Manahoars in front of it, as Death will attack the closest creature.
  • When used, Death has a very high chance to backfire and kill your own units - make sure to move your units away when you cast this spell.
  • Death is a very useful spell to use if you're outnumbered, as it will instantly kill 8 of even the strongest units.
  • Death takes a while to cast and for it to become active. It also may have a travel distance to its opponent, which gives the enemy wizard the ability to react.
  • Death is effective when used when an opponent is cornered, and works well with Plague.

How to Counter it[]

The target for Death's kill is simply a creature (not a wizard or a structure, but could be a hero) that is within the shortest radius of the summoned "Angel". Death will simply go for the closest creature to it.

Its speed exceeds that of any creature, so even sped up, for most creatures having Death follow them is a death sentence (no pun intended). However, since Death's kill animation takes few seconds, you can save your higher level creatures by sending your lower level ones to be slaughtered in their place. You can also summon manahoars in front of it, as the time it takes to for Death to kill is about the same time it takes for you to summon a manahoar.

However, once Death has chosen a target it cannot change course. If you encourage Death to follow your fastest flying creature and cast Speed Up, you can send Death on a wild goose chase by commanding it to fly to a distant structure. Better yet, you can lead it right back to Death's original caster to teach them a lesson.

In some of the previous versions, Death had a collision box, so it could have had been successfully blocked by a wizard.


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