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Crucible Island is an island and presumably a part of Charnel's realm of Stygia. Its position in the world of Sacrifice is unknown.


After being summoned by Jadugarr, Marduk chose a nameless island in Stygia, where he created the nexus of his power, sustained by the extraordinary number of local mana founts. It is uncertain if Marduk modeled the island to his own needs or whether he searched for an island with such exact qualities.

After his last mission, for which ever god he happened to serve, Eldred heard a rumor from a zombie about a strange structure nestled in Stygia. On his way to investigate, Eldred found and helped the severely injured seer Mithras, and together they continued Eldred's journey southward through Stygia.

The Crucible Island is where the final mission of the campaign takes place. On this island, Eldred finally faces Marduk, and has a showdown with him. After one of the bloodiest and most difficult fights in the campaign, Marduk is finally slain and the game ends.

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