Creature abilities are a set of spells and powers wielded by certain creatures. They are categorized by the means necessary to activate and/or use them.

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The icon is found in the ring on the right side of the unit selection pane.

Special AbilitiesEdit

These abilities must be activated by the player by clicking on their respective icons.

Passive AbilitiesEdit

These abilities can't be activated manually by the player, but rather come in effect after a certain condition has been met.

Constant Effect AbilitiesEdit

CE abilities usually do not need any condition to be met in order to work. They are in effect all the time.

Attack AbilitiesEdit

Attack abilities are activated when a creature attacks. They are usually offensive abilities, meaning they improve the attack of the attacking creature.

Death or Injury AbilitiesEdit

DoI abilities come into play when a creature is either wounded or when it is killed (depending on the ability itself). They are usually defensive abilities, meaning they improve the injured creatures' stats or those of its allies.

Creature Abilities in Sacrifice
Special Blightmites | Breath of Life | Cage Pull | Call Lightning | Devour | Divine Sight | Firewalk
Halo of Earth | Lifeshield | Play Dead | Protector | Quake | Rend Soul | Rockform
Run Away | Stealth | Stickbomb | Viscous Oil | Web Pull
CE Persephone's Stats | James' Stats | Stratos' Stats | Pyro's Stats | Charnel's Stats | Constant Regeneration | Immolation Aura | Increased Drain | Magic Immunity | Mana Channeling
Attack Area Attack | Area Stun | Burning Attack | Disease Attack | Entangling Attack | Freezing Attack | Gale Attack | Healing Beam | Instant Hit | Knockdown Attack | Line Attack | Mana Drain | Mana Steal | Petrifying Attack | Poison Attack | Triple Shot | Vacuum Attack | Vortex Attack
DoI Healing Death | Increased Attack | Increased Defense | Lightning Strengthens | Static Field | Steaming Death
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