Like most video games, Sacrifice has cheats which can be used to test segments of the game or simply to have fun with.

While playing the game, simultaneously press [Ctrl] + [Shift] + "~". Console will be brought up and green text will appear on the screen. Type one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Results Cheat Codes
Invincibility for the wizard @ yourbulletscannotharmme
Invincibility for the wizard @ mywingsarelikeashieldofsteel
Full Health @ bythepowerofgrayskull
Full Mana @ ihavethepower
32 souls @ dontfearthereaper
Wizard can collect red souls @ castratetheheathens
Reset spell cooldown @ timeisonmyside
Level 9 with all spells and creatures @ ragebuilding
Wizard obtains indicated spell @ gimmegimmegimme [spell name]
Summon the indicated creature @ alliwantforxmasisa [creature name]
Summon four of indicated creature @ aplethoraof [creature name]


  • The space between "@" and the remainder of the code is mandatory
  • The links in the table under the column "Cheat Codes" are to the references these cheats make
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