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Charm SP-icon-Charm.png
Associated God Persephone
Level 8
Type of Spell Soul Steal
Casting Mode Stationary
Mana Cost 1800
Damage None
Area of Effect Singular
Spell Duration None
Casting Time 11 s
Cooldown Time 4 min

Charm is Persephone's level 8 spell.

Spell Summary[]

The spell is obtained along with Meanstalks and in campaign is received in Persephone's 8th mission.


Possible Targets for the spell Charm
Enemy Creatures Neutral Creatures Friendly Creatures Your own Creatures
Enemy Wizards Neutral Wizards Friendly Wizards Yourself
Enemy Structures Neutral Structures Friendly Structures Your own Structures
Ground Flying Creatures Blue Souls Red Souls

Tactical Uses[]

Unlike most Soul Stealing Spells, the Charm spell can convert an enemy unit to your side instantly - without having to kill the enemy unit. The other two Soul Stealing Spells, Bovine Intervention and Intestinal Vaporization, just turn the unit into Blue Souls, which means you will have to run over and collect them, and then summon a unit to make use of the souls, which can prove to be expensive in mana and dangerous towards the late game. Charm also allows the wizard to potentially control a unit not available in their spellbook - allowing for interesting situations and tactics.

Although Charm is arguably the best Soul Stealing Spell, it has the longest cooldown of all three - at 4 minutes, while the other two spells sit at 1.5 minutes, less than half the cooldown of Charm. It also has the longest cast time of all three spells, at 11 seconds.

Charming a Guardianed creature will unguardian it.

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