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"Look, it's Charlotte. I guess she's pretty good as geomancers go, but all I know is she's got quite a mouth on her... Just talk talk talk talk talk... Never shuts up... Ever." – Zyzyx, first time Charlotte is encountered

Charlotte, as she appears in character selection screen.

Charlotte is a geomancer, one of James' champions and one of the more prominent leaders of the Yeomen of the Glebe. Out of the three possible invasions of Agothera, she is only once given the opportunity to defend James' ultimate altar.


Straight into Action[]

It is unknown when or how Charlotte entered into James' employ, but once she did she became one of the most loyal and aggressive protectors of Glebe's interests.

The first time Charlotte is even put into action in the war is in the defense of Orgren, where the Proles, lead by Faestus, successfully attempted to raid the island for slaves.

Siege of Cindercrag and its Possible Aftermaths[]

Her next task was the invasion of Cindercrag with the purpose of freeing the enslaved farmers and/or destroying the Pyrodraulic Dynamo™ located there. Unless playing with Persephone, where it remained unspecified what has transpired, playing with any of the other four gods yields different scenario.

  • When playing with James, Charlotte is sent to invade Ash with help from Stratos, to divide Pyro's Proles and assist Eldred's invasion of Cindercrag. The eventual fall of Cindercrag was the turning point in James' war against Pyro, ending with Pyro's destruction in Helios.
  • When playing with Stratos, Charlotte was sent to Cindercrag to battle Empress Sorcha there, while Eldred attacked Ash. Since, if the game is continued with Stratos, Pyro soon after fell to Charnel's Minions, it can only be assumed that Charlotte's invasion was successful.
  • When playing with Pyro, Eldred is charged with Cindercrag's defense and both Charlotte and Grakkus are sent to invade Cindercrag. Their eventual defeat would be the turning point in Pyro's war against James, ending with James' destruction in Agothera, with Charlotte participating in its futile defense.
  • When playing with Charnel, Charlotte failed in her attack, was captured by her enemies and put to work in the Dynamo. She was eventually rescued by Charnel's forces where upon Pyro's defeat an uneasy truce between James and Charnel was made.

If the story was continued with Stratos, he would eventually betray Persephone and James, and James would find himself overrun. As such Charlotte would be seen defending the capital of Glebe and James' last bastion, before their inevitable defeat.

If the story was finished with Charnel, Charlotte would be seen defending Persephone's home alongside Yogo and would be seen dying after Marduk destroyed James.

If the campaign was continued with either Persephone and James, Charlotte would be defending the Glebe against the forces of treacherous Stratos. One of the last of such defenses was that of Orgren again, from where she, after being banished, retreated to James' last bastion of Agothera.

Fate of the Loquacious Arachnid[]

Charlotte fate is horrible at worst and uncertain at best. If the campaign was finished with either Pyro or Stratos her death would be witnessed first-hand alongside the death of her master by the hands of Eldred. If the campaign was finished with Charnel, her death would be again seen, but this time as a result of her god's link to her being severed due to his death at the hands of Marduk and his lackeys. If the campaign was finished with James, she would be killed by Jadugarr after arriving in Agothera without an altar, thus being extremely vulnerable. Only if the campaign was finished with Persephone was Charlotte's fate left undecided and some hope remained for the fate of the rude spider.

Name Etymology[]

Charlotte received her name from the namesake spider from the children's story Charlotte's Web.

Wizard Stats[]

For all of the missions she participates in, she shares the same values as any wizard, but also has:

The only exception to these are Pyro's fourth and Charnel's eight mission in which she receives no bonus to Resistance to Direct Ranged and Splash Ranged.

Her color in every mission is always brown, representing her patron god, James.

*It is unknown whether she received her spell Slime out of service to Charnel or if she has the ability to cast it due to her being an arachnid, although the latter seems more plausible.


Multiplayer Taunts[]

  1. You filthy git!
  2. Oh, this is gonna hurt you more than me!

Due to a mistake on the developer's part, the other two taunts are actually Yogo's taunts, with her voices remaining unused.

Related Missions[]

Encountered as Friend during[]

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Encountered as Foe during[]


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