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The campaign of Sacrifice introduced many different characters. They are categorized by their type.


Gods are divine spirits that rule over their respective realm and its inhabitants. There are five traditional gods, each with its own kind of land, followers and divine powers:


Wizards are the gods' ultimate servants and primary tools of influence (although some are rogues, not serving any gods). They are the backbone of any army, since they summon creatures, cast both offensive and defensive spells and are army's field commanders.

Wizard WZ-icon.png
Associated Gods All
Level 1 to 9
Number of Souls None
Wizard Statistics
Health 1500 + 50 x Level
Mana 1000 + 100 x Level
Damage None
Movement Speed 10 m/s
Resistances and Weaknesses
Melee Damage 0%
Direct Ranged Damage 0%
Splash Ranged Damage 0%
Direct Spell Damage 50%
Splash Spell Damage 50%

In the campaign these 15 wizards are encountered:


Heroes are a different strain of certain creatures. They are usually stronger and have their own names and personalities. These 9 heroes are encountered in the campaign:

Other Notable Characters[]

Characters in Sacrifice
Gods Creator | Persephone | James | Stratos | Pyro | Charnel
Wizards Eldred | Shakti | Ambassador Buta | Abraxus | Jadugarr | The Ragman | Yogo
Grakkus | Seerix | Acheron | Hachimen | Charlotte | Sorcha | Marduk | Mithras
Heroes Gangrel | Astaroth | Sara Bella | Thestor | Faestus | Lord Surtur | Gammel | Toldor | Sirocco
Others Zyzyx | Athelas | Fallen One