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"You are the greater wizard. How can I support you?" – Grakkus, yielding to Eldred's seniority, The End Days (James)

Champions are the most powerful wizards in the service of a god, as well as their personal favorites, sometimes even acting as the de facto rulers of a god's realm.

A champion is often tasked with handling the most important missions, including, but not limited to, the defense of their patron's Ultimate Altar, should the need arise. The position of a god's champion can be shared between several wizards.

Each champion earned his rank through complete dedication to their god and years of flawless service. As a reward for their loyalty, they are gifted with various boons and are often seen accompanied by the most elite troops their god can provide them with.

Known Champions[]

The champions per god are as following:

Eldred can become any god's champion (except for Persephone's and Marduk's) by finishing the campaign with him. He can also become James' champion earlier than that on his ninth mission by taking responsibility for defense of his Ultimate Altar.