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Intermissions are pauses between regular missions. They don't have any objectives, and you can't do anything but move Eldred around. During intermissions gods speak with each other (or with you) and you can choose which god you're going to serve for the next mission by approaching their statue. Intermissions always take place in the ethereal realm.

They can be different depending on the god you performed your last mission for. The first three intermissions are the same no matter what god or gods you served previously, but after the third intermission the differences become larger with each passing level, until ultimately at the sixth intermission and beyond, the intermissions vary completely between gods, most notably the choice of service is mostly limited to the god you served on the previous mission.

An intermission takes place just prior to the mission with the same name.

List of Intermissions[]

  1. The Gods Themselves
  2. The Prophecy
  3. Balance of Power
  4. Shadow of the Past
  5. Allegiance
  6. Desperate Measures
  7. The Chasm Widens
  8. No Mercy
  9. The End Days
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Stratos ST-1 ST-2 ST-3 ST-4 ST-5 ST-6 ST-7 ST-8 ST-9
Pyro PY-1 PY-2 PY-3 PY-4 PY-5 PY-6 PY-7 PY-8 PY-9
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