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"I am stronger than either tree-hugging Persephone or spiritless Stratos, but combined, they may give me some trouble. It is time to appeal to James for help." – Pyro, Balance of Power (Intermission)

The gift?

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Map of Karn (full image)

Starting Setup[]


The Firefists are always following you, and even though they are slower than you, you don't actually need to bring them to Grakkus. To find him just follow the two Gargoyles that will come to you when you explore the map a little.


ELDRED: I was sent to the borderlands of the Glebe, the fortress of Karn.
ZYZYX: Given by Pyro in the elder days in exchange for a tribe of Earthflings. These would later become the Flame Minions.
ELDRED: Hmm. Hence, Pyro believed Karn would be the best place to negotiate an alliance with James.


After Persephone brought Stratos into her war with Pyro, Pyro realized that he will need an ally to defeat them. For this "grand privilege" he chooses James. So he sends you and Empress Sorcha to Karn, where in the past James and Pyro did some negotiations of their own. You are to deliver some Firefists to the James' champion - Grakkus.

You start with only a couple of Manahoars and you don't even get a single member of the new unit like in almost every other mission (although a description will be given). However, you are followed by four neutral Firefists alongside with Sorcha and her three Tickfernos and a couple of Manahoars. You will also have an income of mana even though you don't have a manalith built. This is because of Sorcha's manalith, the one near her shrine (she doesn't have an altar). Her AI is set to following you, so don't expect anything from her yet. Not far from your altar you'll be met by a couple of Gargoyles.

"I suppose we're not the best ambassadors ever."

The Gift[]

You will explain to them that you come in the name of Pyro to offer alliance to James. They will tell you to follow them alone with the Firefists (Sorcha will leave for your altar alongside with all the creatures except the Firefists following her, but you can go with your creatures, nobody will mind, really). If you don't follow them and instead go further exploring the main of the island they will repeat that you must follow them. If you fail to comply Grakkus will become your foe and you'll fight without Sorcha. If you follow them they will lead you to Grakkus. After seeing the Firefists, he says that he wants nothing to do with them, because James might risk war with Persephone if he takes them. You will be given two ways of responding: either continue to pursue the subject of alliance or be rude. If you choose to be rude Grakkus will become your enemy and Sorcha will leave, because this was not your purpose. If you try to make this alliance work, you will almost convince Grakkus, but then the Firefists will start attacking his bodyguards. Sorcha will join you in banishing Grakkus. Whichever way you set upon you'll end up fighting him.


He's not all that tough. He initially has only one manalith, so even without Sorcha's help, you should be able to defeat him easily. Since Grakkus won't be needing the Firefists, you get to keep them. Convert the farmers and take the manalith near the meeting site (or let Sorcha have them) and go for his manalith. With your Firefists it should be quite easy. After that there is only his altar (and a manalith behind it if he had the time to take it). Try desecrating his altar while his Skin of Stone is not on. He's hard to banish with it (especially if he has mana to heal himself or to disrupt the desecration).


The boon benefactor for this mission is James. He gives you the boon if you haven't started the conflict with Grakkus (i.e. if the Firefists have done it for you). James knows that it wasn't your fault and advises you to serve him in the future.

To get the boon just follow the Gargoyles, don't go wandering about and don't attack anything that isn't yours. When Grakkus becomes your enemy (and eventually he will) then you can do anything you please.

The karma boost for this boon is as follows:

Karma Table
0 +4 0 0 0


  • Killing Sorcha makes the game freeze during any cinematics that involve her. Try to avoid letting her die at all. As does killing the Firefist needed for the scene. 
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