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Trouble had arrived. Even word of Charnel's restoration of the forbidden Demon Gate palled by comparison to the news of Pyro's misdeeds: attacking Urghaz and abducting the infants of an entire tribe of trolls.Eldred

Been Busy[]

A lot has happened while you were on your last mission (you probably witnessed only a small part of it). Persephone had sent an envoy to Surtur's Keep to make an alliance with Stratos, which he facilitated by defending the said envoy from an attack by the Minions in Orichalchis. Pyro's Proles attacked Elysium again, this time in Urghaz, indirectly declaring war to the Goddess. Charnel has broken one of the core tenets of the gods, dating back to the War of Purification, by regaining control of the Demon Gate of Golgotha. Only James continued on with business in his own realm, futilely hoping that the upcoming war could be avoided and that the balance of power could be held.

Get Busy[]

After delivering their usual number of insults to each other, the gods have decided to spring to action. Persephone decides that it is payback time and wants to attack Pyroborea, now that she has acquired the help of Stratos. James cautiously wants to interview someone who might know more about the prophecy. Stratos, now part of the alliance with Persephone, wants to lure Pyro, with an attack on Sere, into his own realm where he will set up a trap for Pyro's sorcerers. Pyro, seeing as how he is outnumbered two to one, decides to seek alliance with the ever peace-loving James. Charnel, also seeing that Pyro could use some help, decides to send his forces to Sere where Stratos and Persephone have already attacked.

  • Do note that the Karma penalties in your following mission (added together with the ones in the two previous missions) might make you unable to play the fourth mission with some gods.


  • Eldred clearly states that Pyro has abducted the infants of a tribe of Trolls in Urghaz; however, by the third mission, Pyro already has fully grown and functioning Firefists under his control. How is this possible after such a short time? We can't know for sure, but possible reasons include the following:
  1. Trolls grow very fast and the time that passed between the second and third missions was enough to have the Trolls grow up and be ready to fight;
  2. Pyro has already had Trolls in his realm before, and only invaded Urghaz to get more Trolls in the long term;
  3. The trolls were actually old enough to fight at the time of the invasion.
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