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"Pyro will be in need of an ally, and I could use a pawn. Of course, if I know Pyro, he will require a little convincing, but that is accomplished easily enough." – Charnel, Balance of Power (Intermission)
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Map of Sere (full image)

Starting Setup[]


"Defeat Buta" objective is later going to turn to "Protect Buta", so don't be concerned about that.

Having more kills than Ambassador Buta (at least one more than he has) is not required to pass this mission, but if you do you get a nice boon.

To protect Buta you just have to keep his altar from being desecrated.


Providing a small diplomatic escort, Charnel sent me to parley with Pyroborea's own ambassador Buta.Eldred


After Stratos and Persephone forged an alliance, Pyro faced a risk of fighting alone against two other gods. Charnel, in his own diplomatic way, sends you to Sere, to make an offer of alliance to Pyro. Sere is the home of Ambassador Buta, but you're not going there on a mission of peace. No, you are sent to crush Pyro's forces in Sere to prove him that he needs an ally and that that ally is Charnel.

So, you start fairly simple by summoning your creatures and building your manalith. You can take your time, since the AI doesn't kick in until you've approached Buta. When you do approach him, he will start to build a manalith (if you have a unit that can disrupt him in the process it would be wise to build it beforehand) and his forces will start to attack yours. Once you've approached Buta's altar, killed two creatures or tried to explore the island, two other wizards will appear.

Abraxus and Shakti[]

Conveniently for Charnel's plans, Sere is also being attacked by the forces of Stratos and Persephone (makes you wonder if he knew about it beforehand) led by Abraxus and Shakti, respectively. Charnel tells you to suggest Buta an alliance, to which he reluctantly agrees. So it's two against two now. Buta will probably regroup for a moment, as he is given three souls and will probably try to summon some Proles with them, so you should press the attack immediately. Unlike the peninsula on which both yours and Buta's altars lies, the rest of the island is circularly shaped. There's a factory with six slaves, which should suffice for your soul-harvesting (as well as your optional kill-count).

After that you can go either way and you'll arrive at an altar with a manalith behind it, although if you go towards Shakti's altar, you'll find another factory with four slaves near it (Buta will also be going this way). After you desecrate the first altar, let Buta keep the souls and manaliths, since you share mana-income and you should have enough souls by now. That should keep him occupied long enough for you to get the kills from the other wizard and desecrate her altar. After you win, Buta will teleport near you and brag about the victory. You then get the choice of either insulting him or complementing him (this choice affects nothing).


The boon benefactor for this mission is Charnel. He gives you the boon if you've completed the optional objective for this mission. Charnel is pleased that a point to Pyro has been made.

There is no karma boost for this boon.

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