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Sketch of Andrew

Andrew DeLap was a part of the Sacrifice Team and a Level Designer for Sacrifice.

Maps He Created[]

About Himself[]

Picture of Andrew DeLap

Wealthiest than God Himself, Andrew had decided to make a break into his seventh world tour and come to work with us. He still has a few external signs of his formal life, such as the "phatest" car in the lot, the most expensive chair and the fanciest hair cut. Since he could pick whichever job he wanted, because everybody respects his...wealth, and because everyone sympathizes with his lack of physical skills (though he would probably argue with that), he was given the role of designing levels for Sacrifice. That's where he discovered his real calling and has been extremely productive and creative ever since. Nice story, huh? What do you mean "not likely"?

Oh, something else...Andrew, who goes by "drizzle" and "drizzlestick", has another reason to put a halt to his fast-lane living. The police has a warrant for his arrest. The charges are too sordid to describe here, but beware if you see a blue porsche (and a dent in the back...thanks Joby) with a neat looking dude inside it, offering candy around.

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