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"The defense of this alliance is really the most important matter. By attacking Pyroborea's borderlands, we should be able to draw off invaders and facilitate James' actions." – Stratos, Allegiance (Intermission)
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Map of Ash (full image)

Starting Setup[]



"As James' champion Charlotte charged ahead to battle Empress Sorcha and destroy the latest Pyro creation in Cindercrag, I moved against neighboring Ash, to draw off some of Pyro's defenses." – Eldred

Attack on Ash[]

Stratos sends you to attack Pyro's stronghold on Ash, intended to be a diversion while Charlotte destroys the Pyrodraulic Dynamo™. Your attack is supposed to draw defenders away from Cindercrag so that the geomancer's attack will succeed. The plan works; two enemy wizards are sent to oppose you.

The mission is quite unique in that it is the only mission where the amount of controlled manaliths is part of a defeat condition (see Notes). You must keep both Buta (yellow) and the mercenary Hachimen (teal) from acquiring four manaliths; if this happens, the one with four manaliths announces that he is strong enough to handle you alone, while the other wizard will go to Cindercrag. This will result in Charlotte's failure.

There are 3 mana founts on your side of the map and 6 altogether on the other side. Depending on your luck, they may divide these founts evenly, or one wizard may take all 4, the latter resulting in failure. It is possible to quickly take all 3 mana founts near your altar and then rush to the central fount. You can then make a stand here. Using Guardian on a number of Sylphs (or other ranged unit) can make defending this manalith against the onslaught of both Buta and Hachimen much easier. Once enough souls have been converted, you will be free to eliminate each wizard.

Another possible strategy is to go on the offensive right away, marching down on either side of the map to deal with the wizard there. Buta is to the left, Hachimen to the right; the one with more manaliths when you begin your attack is the better target. The main idea is that if you can banish one wizard straight away, you don't need to worry about the manaliths anymore. Of course, with your initial 11-soul army and weak Stratos creatures (if you served Stratos before as well), this may be somewhat difficult. The wizard you're trying to banish will hurry back to his altar, hopefully leaving the bulk of his army behind, and even more hopefully, unshielded. In this case, you can trap him with a Seraph's Cage Pull, tossing him around in the air while other creatures damage him.

Cleaning Up[]

Once you banish either wizard, you no longer need to worry about their manalith counts, which will make the rest of the mission much easier as the remaining wizard will likely not be much of a challenge. Any creatures still on the defeated wizard's side will switch over to the survivor's side, however. As soon as you defeat the other wizard, the mission is complete.


The boon benefactor for this mission is James. He gives you the boon if you win the mission as per usual.

There is no karma boost for this boon.


  • This mission is a singleplayer equivalent of the Domination game type in multiplayer.
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