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"Marduk may be able to draw allies from the Demon Gate. Go to Golgotha and destroy it, and you will destroy the base of his power." – Persephone, Allegiance (Intermission)
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Map of Golgotha (full image)

Starting Setup[]



"Precious time was lost while awaiting the promised assistance from Stratos, but I believed the aid of Abraxus would prove worth the wait." – Eldred
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The reactivated Demon Gate

The Demon Gate[]

Persephone uses her alliance with Stratos to send you to Golgotha, the site of the Demon Gate, via a secret pathway. As she believes that Marduk may be able to draw power from the Demon Gate, she considers it vital to destroy it. As the mission begins, you can see the powerful demon Astaroth approaching, cutting down two of your Rangers with ease. Suddenly, Abraxus teleports to you; as it turns out, she is already here, fighting the necromancer Acheron. Astaroth flees back to the Demon Gate as Abraxus appears.

Initially, you and Abraxus fight Acheron together; however, soon it will turn out that things are not as simple as they appear. Abraxus is a skilled fighter and will most likely dispatch Acheron quite easily; however, she will not desecrate his altar. You will find out soon why. Your initial objective is to destroy the Demon Gate; the difficulty this presents is that the Gate is guarded by 5 Necryls and Astaroth himself, who is currently invulnerable thanks to the Gate's power. Consequently, the easiest way to destroy the gate is by employing strong fliers, most likely your Gremlins. Astaroth won't be able to reach them and the Necryls won't kill them quickly enough.

The Betrayal[]

However, as soon as you either banish Acheron, destroy the Demon Gate or attack Abraxus' forces the elementalist will reveal her true intentions. It turns out that Stratos is secretly allied with Charnel, and that since Persephone currently cannot see what's happening in Golgotha, they only need to destroy you to keep their alliance a secret. (It can be assumed that Persephone couldn't revive you if you were to be banished here, just like Shakti is gone for good in Stratos' sixth mission, for example.) The two wizards will then ally to attack you together (unless you've banished Acheron, in which case only Abraxus will be left). Abraxus may be quite dangerous at this point for two reasons. Firstly, she may have gotten stronger by converting Acheron's souls and building manaliths all over the map; for this reason it may be a good idea to join the initial battle against Acheron, converting and building before she can achieve control over the whole map and all the souls. Secondly, depending on how you've played the campaign so far she may have Lord Surtur on her side, who is a particularly powerful Storm Giant and may give you lots of trouble.

Regardless, though you may receive a boon if you banish both Acheron and Abraxus, you can also complete the mission by killing Astaroth (after the destruction of the Gate). As Astaroth is a Charnel creature and can regenerate by hitting someone, it is a good idea to stay away, along with your ground troops, and attack him with fliers instead. You might also be able to kill him quickly if you use a Gremlin's Web Pull to drag him into the abyss, though this is rather difficult to do and requires some understanding of the skill. Watch out for any assaults from your enemy wizards if they still exist.

It is possible to kill Astaroth extremely quickly by ordering your Gremlin to intercept the demon as he returns to the Demon Gate after the introductory cutscene and drag him into the abyss the Web Pull ability, but if this is done before Eldred mentions Persephone's absence (also bypassing Abraxus' betrayal) there will be no available mission upon reaching Intermission-06, forcing the mission to be restarted.

Once Astaroth is gone, the mission ends.


The boon benefactor for this mission is Persephone. She gives you the boon if you complete the optional mission objectives.

Avoid approaching the Demon Gate or Astaroth to make sure you don't kill/destroy them before banishing Abraxus and Acheron.

There is no karma boost for this boon.

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