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"Most of the captured farmers have been taken to a place called Cindercrag. We've got to get in there before they're lost forever." – James, Allegiance (Intermission)
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Map of Cindercrag (full image)

Starting Setup[]



  • Defeat Charlotte
  • The Pyrodraulic Dynamo™ must survive


"With aid from Stratos, James' champion Charlotte seized the Pyroborder(?) isle of Ash. I moved ahead to assault Cindercrag." – Eldred

Assault on the Dynamo[]

Reacting to Pyro's abduction of the citizens of the Glebe, James orders you to go to Cindercrag in an attempt to free the slaves. However, as it turns out, the slaves are already in the Dynamo, and James realizes that the only option now is to destroy the Dynamo before it can do any damage. Opposing you is one enemy wizard, Ambassador Buta, and soon you may discover another, unused altar not far from your starting location. This altar may have a role later during the mission; currently, however, it only has one unclaimed mana fount nearby, with several Proles of Pyro guarding it; they do not belong to Buta, but their souls will once you kill them, so be quick in converting them if you want their souls.

Buta will slowly build up his army, consisting of Pyromaniacs, a Pyrodactyl, Tickfernos and assorted low-level creatures, and will then attack you. You can meet him on the battlefield; however, for completion of the mission destruction of the Dynamo is sufficient. If you have Gammel, this is not hard, even at the very beginning of the mission; just summon as many Ikarus as you can and send them along with Gammel right at the Dynamo. Most likely, Gammel will not die, and the Dynamo will go down, so it doesn't matter if Buta can destroy all your manaliths and even start desecrating your altar.

The Pyrodraulic Dynamo™ itself is inactive at the start, but will soon become active. It has the power to create a volcano every few minutes. The volcano will erupt in one of four possible places or directly on top of you. This is the most dangerous option, as the volcano erupts faster than normal, giving you very little time to react. To minimize the damage, you should travel a bit ahead of your creatures when not fighting, and order your creatures to immediately move away from the volcano (having your creatures organized in groups helps significantly with this).

Dealing with Buta[]

You may also seek to win by banishing Buta before you turn your attention towards the Dynamo. Buta is not a particularly tough opponent here; once you defeat him and convert some of his souls in the initial encounters, he will be easy to defeat. His last manalith has a couple of dangerous Bombard and Pyromaniac defenders; just like with the Dynamo, though, Gammel and a few Ikarus can close in and kill them quick by attacking the manalith. If you banish Buta, you will receive a boon at the end of the mission.

The Choice[]

Once Buta is banished, Pyro speaks to you. He will offer you to abandon James and join him, impressed by your display of power. You will have the choice to accept or decline.

If you decline, Pyro will announce that he will reveal the ultimate power of the Dynamo. This means that you will have a maximum of 5 minutes to destroy the Dynamo before the island blows up. This is more than enough time to approach with your whole army and destroy the Dynamo; Gammel and some Ikaruses will, once again, help you here.

If you accept, James will be furious at your betrayal and will send Charlotte over, from the nearby island of Ash, to punish you and destroy the Dynamo. Charlotte will take over the abandoned altar not far from your own, and then will teleport right next to you. She will also receive some creatures near her altar. Finally, 3 Bombardment spells will be cast at you right away, so be sure to go away from wherever you are currently. Charlotte will never attack the Dynamo, so you don't need to worry about that; and with Buta defeated and his creatures' souls available to you, you should have no problem disposing of Charlotte.


The boon benefactor for this mission is either Pyro or James. The one who's side you took will give you the boon. They're both pleased that you chose their side.

To make sure you get the boon, banish Buta before you destroy the Dynamo.

The karma boost for this boon is obtained only if you obtained Pyro's boon and is as follows:

Karma Table
0 -4 0 +4 0
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