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"Poor Pyro. He really is a simple creature. Don't waste your time with his trinkets. Go to Golgotha, and there we will make preparations to take on this Marduk." – Charnel, Allegiance (Intermission)

"Soon, Astaroth's fury will be Gangrel's might."

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Starting Setup[]



ELDRED: Charnel had only recently recovered control of the Demon Gate, but already he intended use of its full power.
MITHRAS: It is a means to contact other planes, isn't it? The realms of demons?
ELDRED: Aye, that was our purpose.

The Demon Gate[]

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"The only thing that can possibly stop us now is if someone kills Gangrel before the ritual is complete. You must ensure that this does not occur."

Charnel sends you to the Demon Gate that he had recently reopened. His plan is to summon the spirit of a demon lord, Astaroth, into the powerful scythe Gangrel, thus creating a demon strong enough to stand up to Marduk. Unfortunately, two wizards, Yogo and Abraxus, attack you ten minutes before the ritual is complete, citing years old peace treaty of the War of Purification that forbids use of the Demon Gate, thus forcing you to defend Gangrel against their sudden assault.

The battle starts right next to the Gate, a good distance away from your altar. With a small army of Fallen, Netherfiends and a Deadeye, you must repel both Yogo and Abraxus, who will both recover quickly and reclaim their souls. You need to be very swift to convert even one or two souls; definitely try to capture the mana fount not far from you to deny a base from the enemy wizards. There are four zombies next to Gangrel who are expendable, and you may even wish to have your creatures kill them to gain their souls. Otherwise, they will start dying as the ritual comes closer to completion.

Yogo often uses Druids, while Abraxus likes employing massed Brainiacs. Several Deadeyes will dispose of the Brainiacs easily, but you will need to keep the Druids away from them in turn. If you can properly counter the enemies' creatures, the ten minutes will fly by and the ritual will be complete.


The newly created Astaroth will join you, and you will now have to banish Yogo. This is not hard at this point; Astaroth is extremely powerful and you won't need to worry about anything on the ground while he's nearby. Make your way to his altar (you'll meet little resistance and he will, most likely, not threaten your altar either) and desecrate it. Yogo may seek to disrupt the ritual, but some Blightmites from a Blight (if you have them) will effectively paralyze him while Astaroth cuts him down. For the most part, Abraxus can be ignored; she will not present much of a threat if you work quickly, and she definitely won't help her partner defend his altar.

Once Yogo is gone, your mission is successful; you will witness Charnel and Stratos discussing their secret alliance.


There is no boon in the vanilla version of this mission due to an easily corrected bug in the mission's scripting.

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