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"That's Lady Abraxus, mistress of Surtur's Keep. People call her honorable, but she seems awfully uptight to me.
I will say one thing: she's fast and very skilled. Or is that two things?
" – Zyzyx, first time Abraxus is encountered

Abraxus, as she appears in character selection screen.

Abraxus (also known as Lady Abraxus, and mentioned in Scapex as Abraxis and Abraxas) is the wife of Lord Surtur and Stratos' only wizard and champion, although not the only Elementalist. She rules over Surtur's Keep in Surtur's absence. She is very honorable and loyal to Stratos.


Lonely Lady of the Keep[]

Abraxus married the leader of the Storm Giants lord Surtur, thus earning her the title of a lady. On all accounts their marriage was a happy one. It is unknown whether or not their marriage had any effect on Abraxus' loyalty to Stratos.

These happier times were cut short by the assassination of Athelas, a prominent Druid who was invited as a guest to Surtur's Keep. The Goddess imprisoned Lord Surtur for not being able to prevent this tragedy and relations between Stratos and her worsened resulting in a war. Lord Surtur himself described this imprisonment as pleasant, but he also felt homesick and longed for his wife. He also professed a loathing for Stratos. Whether his wife, an ardent supporter of Stratos, ever knew about this is uncertain.

The long awaited reunion of the two spouses.

Finally Reunited[]

Even without her husband, Lady Abraxus continued to serve Stratos, mainly by keeping the gates of Surtur's Keep shut before Empyrea's enemies. When the campaign started, Stratos had the mandate to protect Golgotha from the Minions of Charnel after the War of Purification and had posted Abraxus there to prevent them from reaching the Demon Gate, a job which she ultimately failed. It was also before her defeat that Jadugarr made the pact with Marduk. Abraxus' role in this remains unknown.

Upon returning to Empyrea she was informed that Lord Surtur was released due to an alliance with Persephone being made by Stratos. Without being able to meet with her husband, she was sent to Sere to participate in the first coordinated attack of that alliance and to provoke the forces of Pyroborea to attack Empyrea. The attack was not successful, but the intent was. The Proles attacked Surtur's Keep and were overtaken by the Servants of Stratos lead by Abraxus herself. If Surtur survived, after the battle she finally had a proper reunion with him.

The Betrayal and the Invasion of Golgotha[]

The next action by the alliance was an attack on Golgotha to retake it and to prevent Charnel from summoning demons after being suspected of summoning the demon Marduk. During the attack, Charnel suggested an alliance to Stratos via Abraxus, to which he agreed, forsaking the one with Persephone. Depending on whether the player helped Charnel, the truth of Stratos' betrayal was not found out and Abraxus left Golgotha without being banished.

If the player played with Persephone or James, Stratos' betrayal was revealed when Abraxus was found aiding Charnel's necromancers, which ultimately lead to a conflict with Stratos, even though Charnel's was destroyed.

If the player played with Pyro, Stratos didn't betray Persephone due to Pyro's overwhelming expansions, which could devour the allies if they were divided, so Abraxus is seen aiding Persephone against Pyro, although not very wholeheartedly.

As almost all roads lead to Thryhring or Stratos, Abraxus is a very likely opponent on the last mission of the campaign, either defending Empyrea's or attacking Glebe's capital.

Lady's Fate[]

If the player played with any god except Stratos, Abraxus would have died when Stratos' ultimate altar was destroyed either by the god the player was serving or by Marduk and his followers. Abraxus' role in the future where Stratos is the supreme god, irrelevant on whether or not Eldred accepted Stratos' offer, stays undefined.

Name Etymology[]

Abraxus received her name from Abraxas, a Greek word of mystic meaning in Gnosticism.

Wizard Stats[]

For all of the missions she participates in, she shares the same values as any wizard, but also has:

Only exceptions to that are Pyro's seventh mission in which she receives only 250 bonus to Movement Speed and Charnel's fifth mission in which she receives none.

Her color in every mission is always blue, representing her patron god, Stratos.


Multiplayer Taunts[]

  1. Come, find destiny's embrace!
  2. Fight with honor and you shall die with dignity!
  3. Now strikes the storm.
  4. You shall have time to gather your minions and get you gone. Do not be here when I return.

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